Payroll Software Or Payroll Service – Six Important Considerations to Choose the Best Payroll Option


Selecting the right payroll service is an important decision for all business owners. The wrong payroll solution can be expensive not only in terms of money but in productivity, which translates back to morale, which translates back to money. When selecting payroll solutions, carefully consider your resources. Here are brief descriptions of each type, and there importance.

1. Cost

As your number of employees grows, so do your labor expenses. Many people start their business using a payroll service, yet as business increases, they realize the expense grows out of hand. Once the cost of using a payroll service starts to outweigh the convenience, you may be ready to bring your payroll processing in-house and use payroll software.

2. Staffing

Whether you use a payroll service or payroll software, you will need somebody to manage the process. Functions such as collecting employee pay data and editing employee information will need to be manually entered into a payroll software system or delivered to a payroll service.

3. Tax

Filing: Probably the biggest benefit to processing payroll with a service is their guarantee that they will file your taxes in a timely manner. However, payroll software providers currently offer online tax filing or complete tax filing fulfillment options. These options make the Federal and State tax filing processes much easier. Learn more!

4. Control

Some companies need or desire tight control over their payroll. Some reasons for this include having a large number of employees or the need to track data by different departments. Companies needing control of their payroll are better suited, in most cases, to processing payroll in-house using payroll software because often times a payroll service cannot provide the flexibility they need. With in-house payroll software, changes can be made instantly and there is no need to wait for somebody else to make them.

5. Security

Obviously pay data is sensitive, and should be protected. With in-house payroll software, be sure the system offers security tools so that only authorized employees can see certain screens or data. A system with menu level security is helpful so that certain users can only see the screens you give them access to within the system. With a payroll service, if you are entering data online, be sure your service offers security measures so your data cannot be captured by somebody else.6.

6. Reporting

Every business has a different set of payroll reporting needs. Perhaps you want to know labor expenses by department or expenses for just one or a combination of your locations. Typically, there is more flexibility in reporting when you are using an in-house program with report editing capabilities. If you are using a service, be certain your service provider can give you the data you need, when you need it.


There are variations of product offerings among payroll software providers as well as payroll service providers. No matter which you choose, be sure to consider all of the above so that your payroll runs smoothly. You can know more at

Software Review: Top Business Payroll Software

Choosing the best business payroll software for your company is no easy task. With so many cost solutions and numerous features and benefits of each program, how do you decide? Here are a few details on the top business payroll software providers to give you an idea of where to go next.

Which are the main payroll software providers?

Xero is probably one of the best known online payroll and accounting software programs out there. With a seamless easy to process payroll service it can assist you in paying your workforce and managing business and employee taxes. All of the payroll information you input is automatically updated so you don’t have to worry about keying in the same details over and over again. If you are currently using another online payroll system Xero offers an effortless transition, when moving all of your payroll services and accounts over to their software. You have the opportunity to try the service for free via their website, which is a great idea. This will give you an idea of compatibility with your own system, navigate the interface and see if it is a good fit for your business. You can also check out the features options to see which services you need, tailor making it for your company. There are training guides on how to use the software and webinars and their blog keeps you up to date with the updates and changes.

Quickbooks by Intuit

Quickbooks also allows you to trial their software free for 30 days. This is always recommended when you are deciding whether to purchase new payroll software. Quickbooks can assist you with running payroll services, automatic bank downloads, accepting payments, it also offers a real time dashboard. Other features will allow you to manage your VAT, customize invoices and track your expenses – you can choose a plan to fit your business. The Manage Payroll and Pensions option offers a low-cost solution per employee per month. Their website details all of the plans and has videos on how to use the software. Learn more!

Sage Payroll Services and HR Software

If you run a small to medium sized business, then Sage 50 MicrOpay could be the ideal solution for you. It is a straightforward payroll system which keeps you up to date with legislation, including real time information and has all the tools you need to be able to take complete control of your payroll services. The software manages your employee’s personal details effectively, has mobile web capability for total flexibility, which allows you to control your payroll from wherever you are, it is all integrated within your Sage MicrOpay system. By visiting their website, you can download a brochure or speak to a Sage professional to book a telephone diagnostic. This system is especially beneficial for the retail and hospitality trades but will work across all business sectors.

These are just a few of the main payroll service and software providers in the market, depending on the system requirements you have and the complexity of your requirements there are also many more which would suit your needs. Research and discover the best solution for your business, reviews online and professional business feedback is particularly helpful in these instances. Get in touch with local businesses and see which payroll system benefits their business the most. Click here for more information:

3 Payroll Outsourcing Companies 


There are many different payroll outsourcing companies in Australia that you can use that are professional and have experience. You mustn’t just choose any type of company for handling your payroll of your business. It can be too dangerous leaving something this important in the hands of someone you can’t trust. It is also very important to know that the company that you want to use for outsourcing your payroll has qualified and experienced staff. You can’t trust a company if their staff isn’t qualified for payrolls. These three payroll outsourcing companies you can trust with your payroll. 


This is another payroll outsourcing company that you can trust your payroll to. This company is doing payrolls from 1979. They are making sure that all of their staff has had a minimum of 9 years experience when they are started working for them.  

They are making sure that they are building a long term relationship with all their clients to know what type of service they all need. This way they are making sure that you are satisfied with their service and that you can go to them with any questions or advice about the admin of your business.  


Easypayroll is the third payroll service in Australia that you can trust with all your information off your staff’s personal information. They are doing business with both small and large companies, and they are making sure that all their staff has the right qualifications and experience to handle any type of payroll.  

They are making sure that they are taking care of everything, to make sure that you can focus just on your business itself. They are doing businesses payroll outsourcing from 2000. They are just as trustworthy and reliable as the other two companies and you can trust them to know what is best for your company.  

payrollserviceaustralia is the first company in Australia that you can trust with something as important as your company’s payroll. You can’t trust just anyone with your payroll, but you can definitely trust them with it. They are a trustworthy and reliable company. 

They have more than 20 years experience in payrolls and they have just qualified staff for handling all your payroll needs. All of their staff is trustworthy and they are making sure that there are no errors when they are doing the wages and taxes each month.  They can handle small businesses and big businesses, and can proses up to a thousand pays for just one pay run. They are costs efficiently and you can go to them for any advice needed. 

If you are living in Australia and are searching for a payroll service that you can trust with your business and payroll, you can sure make use of these three companies. They have only experienced and fully qualified employees that are working with your payroll each month. These payroll services in Australia know how to handle payrolls of any sized company and making sure that your payroll is error free, every single month. 



What is the Importance of Payroll Services in Australia

What is the Importance of Payroll Services in Australia

Anyone who has a business in Australia will understand the importance of their payroll service. It can be a complex process to ensure that all the legal requirements are withheld for the country within which the company is located. Therefore it is essential that you have all the relevant details made available to you.

That is when payroll services in Australia can provide useful. They are specifically tailored for all the different rates set in the country. Easing pressure on staff to ensure that everything is done correctly. Then you can be fully aware of all the benefits and rights of each employee that you hire. Click here for understanding payroll card options.

Whether you have a small business that may just employ two or three people, or a larger employee base, the payroll service that you supply must be accurate. So it is important that payroll staff have a knowledge and understanding of the procedures involved. With an online payroll service in Australia there is less room for error as calculations are set and processed automatically for you.

What is the Importance of Payroll Services in Australia

What You Can Expect from Payroll Services in Australia:

  • Employee and sub-contractors earnings calculated securely online.
  • Clear figures to show Gross, Tax, and Nett amounts paid by each member of staff.
  • Superannuation deductions made, with payments and reports sent to super funds.
  • Processing PAYE and other company tax obligations that are due.
  • Setting leave accruals, and monitoring them.
  • Email staff payslips for their records.
  • Employee Self Service packages available so that they can view or amend personal details at any time.
  • Sending EOY figures automatically to accountants.
  • Tax rates updated each year.
  • Easily able to add new employees to the payroll services
  • Calculation of any salary bonuses that may be due.
  • Keeping track of any personal or sick days that employees take.
  • Electronic payments made quickly and easily.

There are many payroll services in Australia that you are able to choose from. The importance lies in opting for the best package for your own personal business requirements. For some business owners, this could mean employing someone to work onsite on the payroll for staff and subcontractors.

However, some online payroll services can take on all the work for you, by providing an outsourcing option you may prefer. Leaving you to concentrate on other aspects when running a successful business in Australia. Visit: for more information.

As with any financial accounting within a company, payroll services in Australia have been susceptible to issues of fraud and corruption. Hence it is important that transactions are monitored on a regular basis. Then you can view the automated system to discover if there have been any irregular entries made. Such issues are easier to detect when using an online payroll service as there is no risk of loss of paperwork. This is why it is advisable to restrict access to only certain personnel for security reasons.

For many business owners, the main importance in this area is to provide confidential, accurate, and secure payroll services in Australia for all the people that they employ.

Understanding Payroll Card Options: SVC's or Bank Cards

Understanding Payroll Card Options: SVC’s or Bank Cards

In order for employees to participate in our growing, non-cash, transaction-based society and for employers to capitalize on these trends, there needs to be an option that will allow them to leverage the flexibility of electronic fund distribution. Payroll cards address this need head-on for both employees and employers.

There are a couple of offerings from vendors when it comes to payroll cards. The two main offerings can be categorized as either stored value cards (SVCs) or bank cards. Get information about outsourcing benefits on

First, let’s explore a stored value card. Just as it sounds, it holds a stored value of funds that has been associated with the card. Once loaded, or associated with a pre-determined dollar value, the card can be used to make withdrawals from ATMs. To better understand this option, let’s look at the setup. The employer sets up one major account with the bank and each employee has access to what is referred to as a sub-account under that one major account.

Understanding Payroll Card Options: SVC's or Bank Cards

With SVCs, the employer directs funds through the major account and each sub-account, and then maintains the balance for each individual employee. The employee does not actually own the sub-account; they only withdraw funds from that account. The employee is not able to participate in point-of-sale or retail transactions as one would with a true debit card or bankcard. Although the major account is FDIC insured, the sub-accounts are not individually insured. For example, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures deposits up to $100,000.00. That means that if there are 100 sub-accounts for the one major account, each one is only insured for $1,000.00. The employee does not have much protection in the event the issuing or sponsoring bank fails. Also, most SVCs do not provide protections under Regulation E, which provides provisions for fund replacement in the event of lost or stolen cards. VISA branded cards, i.e. bank cards, and offer zero-liability policies.

Bank cards are similar to SVCs in that each is loaded with a pre-determined dollar value and can be used for withdrawals from ATMs. There are, however, dramatic differences between these two types of cards. First, with a bank card the employee is able to participate in any point-of-sale or retail transaction as one would with a true debit card or bank card. Second, the employer sets up an actual account with the bank for each employee who then has access to the account itself whereas with a SVC, the employee is accessing a sub-account under a major account. The employer is responsible for directing funds to the individual account. Third, the employee actually owns the account and is able to build a credit history based on their use of the account which may lead to a greater level of financial independence. Finally, the individual account deposit is FDIC insured up to $100,000.00 and the employee can enjoy the protections issued under Regulation E.

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing

Implementation of computerized payment sheet within your company or organization systems can bring positive changes, saving hours of production and update of sheet physical magazines and payment records. If you are an organization of small, medium or large, this type of system creates efficiency and all records can be stored for your convenience. If you would like to know some more useful tips on the subject make sure you go online and take a look at!


A computerized payroll system for payment performs the same functions as manual methods of payroll do. It stores employee data, such as names, addresses, social security numbers, wages and allowances retention of each person. He calculates payroll taxes and deductions and keep all data up-to-date after each pay period. Payroll systems perform many accounting functions such as preparing journal entries and documents used for tax purposes, such as W-2 statements and quarterly financial statements.

Benefit #1 – When you do the payroll outsourcing you will not have to hire an employee to figure out complex software. You will avoid mistakes and problems in the future.


While each piece of software for computerized payment is set up differently, most have a default user interface with menu items, windows and buttons designed to make the process efficient for the user. For example, the software may have standard File and Edit drop-down menus that contain functions such as printing and saving. It may also have menu buttons that you can click to access different sections of the payroll system. For example, a section can be devoted to employee accounts, one for payroll data and one for reports or charts.

Benefit #2 – When you use payroll service Australia you ensure your data will be treated the correct way, no mistakes no lateness. You will never have to worry about training an employee to have the job done.

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing


Software payment programs automate many functions, which saves time and resources. For example, it automatically calculates figures such as earnings of employees, based on inputs. Although some data must be collected and manually entered hired as new information, the computerized system maintains organized so that you can access and update it electronically as needed. Some payroll software can be integrated with other functions of record keeping, such as time clocks. Click here to get more about payroll software.

Benefit #3 –Payroll outsourcing ensures that the information will be used in the correct way, after all there are specialists who will analyse and input data correctly. No doubts, no mistakes. EVER!


For many organizations, the payroll software can be integrated with other business applications that also deal with functions of management and accounting. Small businesses can invest in off-the-shelf, low-end software designed for some functions, such as billing reports, payroll and finance. Mid-market software usually serves organizations that must comply with national accounting standards. High-end payroll software can be part of a larger suite of enterprise resource planning that can be adapted to the needs of the particular software company. Learn more about payroll management system.

Benefit #4–Payroll outsourcing allows companies not to worry about buying a licence for software and also not have to worry about fixing/ updating a software that can affect the while company (especially if it is integrated).

Benefit #5–Payroll outsourcing is much cheaper when we compare the price of what companies pay for software licensing of payroll service.